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Google Rating
Based on 79 reviews

I’ve been going to the clinic for laser treatment for a few months, I was first introduced to Jade who was great and really went above and beyond. I am now continuing my treatment with Laura who has also been very helpful and really friendly.
Schalal Machekanyanga
Schalal M.
08:10 04 Aug 23
I came to this clinic for hydrafacial and fat freezing. I love the experiences.The clinic: spotless clean and fresh. I was always greeted with a welcome and a nice coffee. There are parking spaces outside the clinic.The staff: professional and looking immaculate, which represents the clinic itself.Ellie: she is very friendly and knowledgeable about hydrafacial and the treatments offered at the clinic. She is very professional in what she is doing. I would highly recommend her.Five star experience. I’m going to try some other treatment offered here next year.
15:32 20 Jul 23
She’s so honest and sincere with their patients,, very professional and prettiest doctor
Nisar Ch
Nisar C.
15:42 04 Jul 23
A lovely professional clinic that I would highly recommend. A big Thank you to Louise for my treatment, the results have surpassed my expectations and I'm over the moon.
Nicky Hill
Nicky H.
19:09 24 Apr 23
I'm in the process of getting tattoo removal and have been coming to the clinic for the past 2 years, with about 8 weeks, sometimes longer between sessions. Treatment can be expensive but for me personally it has been worth it. Jade, who has treated me since my initial consultation, has been fantastic. She was a huge in factor in why I chose BPC as she made me feel comfortable and at ease straightaway, and has continued to do so every session since; it's an easily overlooked, but really important part of the job when you consider those monetary cost of treatments. I always look forward to my sessions with Jade despite the expected discomfort that comes with the treatment.
Tay Jeffries
Tay J.
20:47 20 Apr 23
Ive had laser hair with Laura and she is amazing. Made me feel at ease, very friendly and professional. Nothing is too much trouble. Would highly recommend! Seen such an improvement in the areas treated in a short space of time.
Cherie Uhrmacher
Cherie U.
10:24 20 Apr 23
Amazing experience with Laura, really happy with the results.
09:38 19 Apr 23
Love the clinic, everyone is very friendly and accommodating. I've been having laser hair removal with Laura for some time now and the results are beyond amazing!I'd 100% recommend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
16:57 12 Apr 23
Amazing company, Laura is lovely and makes you feel very comfortable.
chloe sheard
chloe S.
08:00 29 Mar 23
Currently receiving micro needling and can already see a big improvement in my skin texture. The clinic is lovely and the service I’ve received from Sherlena has been top notch, very professional and friendly providing a comfortable atmosphere
Adina Jacobs
Adina J.
16:52 22 Mar 23
I tried BPC not knowing anything about laser hair removal. The lovely Sherlena explained everything thoroughly making me feel at ease, before during and after my conclsultation. She assured me that if I was to continue after the patch test that she would be the therapist to treat me. The treatment worked very well reducing scaring, dark colour, irritation and ingrown hairs.The BPC team are extremely welcoming and professional, I would definitely recommend.
Rachael Reynolds
Rachael R.
13:42 21 Mar 23
I have been having laser hair removal with Laura. She’s very good and has been very helpful. If highly recommend. The clinic is very nice and the staff are very welcoming
Egli Metohu
Egli M.
16:07 08 Mar 23
Just completed my laser course with Louise. Amazing service from start to finish. Will definitely be booking more procedures. Thank you x
Samira K
Samira K
12:38 05 Mar 23
I have been going to Birmingham Private Clinic for quite some time and the customer service is amazing, the staff are all nice friendly. I have seen amazing results already after a few sessions. Laura has made me feel at ease and very comfortable. I highly recommend coming here and I am pleased with the service and results.
Anisa Miah
Anisa M.
13:48 25 Jan 23
I received a great service. Staff were polite, friendly and accommodating. Lovely ambience and made to feel welcome. Would highly recommend BPC for cosmetic procedures, happy with outcome of treatment and would return again.
nat gav
nat G.
10:39 04 Jan 23
The team at BPC are absolutely lovely and are always happy to listen to all my concerns as I was very apprehensive on having a chemical peel during my consultation to help with acne scarring/pigmentation.In particular Laura has been amazing with listening to my concerns and helping me on my skin journey.I am now 3 months post my cosmelan treatment and the results are amazing. Hopefully will continue to see results and will be getting additional treatments in the near future 🤞🏽I know I've said this too many times but from the bottom of my heart thank you so so much Laura! 🙂 x
Ruqayya G
Ruqayya G
11:43 17 Nov 22
After suffering with acne during the menopause, my skin was left with scars n excess oil! I felt extremely self conscious n embarrassed n as such, it was affecting my confidence n mental wellbeing!! This has been an issue with me, for a few years!! I phoned first n visited Birmingham Private Clinic n met Laura!! I was quite apprehensive, but my fears were totally unfounded!From the first contact, I was made to feel listened to, valued n genuinely cared about! From the minute I met Laura, I felt relaxed, we had a chat, I immediately felt comfortable, valued, not judged n given hope that things could improve!! Laura empathetically, listened to all my concerns, she suggested a new skincare regime (available from the High Street, plus a couple of products from the range at the clinic) there was no hard sell whatsoever! I was very concerned about budget, but she very kindly suggested helpful options, that were within my budget!! I began my new skincare regime the same day, Laura asked me to follow this for 2 weeks, before my first treatment. I noticed a difference straight away, I feel very positive n optimistic that things WILL improve! That's a good feeling!! Laura shows genuine concern for her patients, she is very understanding and its clear, that her goal, is to helping us be 'comfortable' in our own skin! I am proud that I've taken these first steps, to discovering how good my skin will be! I had my first treatment n felt relaxed, reassured n everything was explained carefully throughout! Thank you YOU Laura, I look forward to my 'journey' with you! I am confident I WILL get really good results n I cannot wait to see my before and after photos! :o) xx
17:25 01 Nov 22
After much deliberation I finally took the plunge and had a hydra-facial with Sherlene last Friday (07/10/22). It was brilliant. And, a week on I can see the results. I’m less congested around the nose, my daily products are working better with my skin and I’m generally looking brighter and younger. I have rosacea which can be difficult to manage at times but hydra-facial has lessened the reddening. Sherlene recommended I use a daily sun screen and I’ve added this to my morning skin care routine. Thank you BPC; I’ll definitely be back.
Holly Bluck
Holly B.
09:26 13 Oct 22
Went for a microderming session for the first time here. Absolulty loved it and can't wait to go back!
Misbah Rafiq
Misbah R.
09:59 06 Oct 22
Very attentive and professional service provided by Laura who has been doing my laser and hydrafacial sessions.
Anita Sohal
Anita S.
09:13 12 Sep 22
I have been coming here for over 2 years now and I can't believe how far I have come with my skin with the help of all the staff at BPC. Especially Melissa who has joined me on this journey in improving my skin and my confidence.I'm a black Caribbean lady who had a lot of acne scaring on my face and this has been and is being treated professionally by the staff at BPC.Will continue going here for treatment.
Daniella Walker
Daniella W.
12:26 15 Aug 22
My practitioner Jade is amazing. She is always informative, helpful and very professional. I love her service very approachable 👍🏽
Mavish Tahir
Mavish T.
16:52 12 Aug 22
Very impressed with the results of my treatment. Better than expected.
Patrick Greenaway
Patrick G.
08:39 21 Jul 22
Fantastic service from start to finish. Jade and team always very welcoming and professional. Highly recommended. Currently having laser removal treatment.
Chris Jones
Chris J.
18:39 12 Jul 22
As soon as I went in for my hydra facial consultation I felt welcoming! Stunning place and friendly staff. By far the best clinic I’ve been to!Louise and Laura have been amazing and I’m sure the rest of the staff are just as brill, I had Laura for my consultation and she told me a lot about all the treatments and I knew I was already in the right clinic.
neerij farmah
neerij F.
17:53 08 Apr 22
I’m not the one to normally leave reviews , but can I just say a massive Thankyou to Laura for her professionalism she made me feel so comfortable and confident in myself it was a pleasure being your client, so happy with my results she genuinely cares for the clients ands makes you feel so welcome such a lovely person I cannot express , Thankyou to everyone else at the clinic highly recommend 😊
Ayisha Asif
Ayisha A.
16:51 31 Jan 22
I had a consultation today with Laura. She quickly realised that my issue (a pain) might be a skin issue not a hair issue. Honestly, she explained everything so clearly and I was extremely impressed by her knowledge.I didn't require a treatment in the end but her advice was greatly appreciated. I learned a lot from her in only 20 minutes about skin/hair health.Laura has absolutely beautiful manners - thank you.
Gandalf M. Student
Gandalf M. S.
14:36 20 Dec 21
I am currently having a tattoo removed by BPC and I have to say they are a superb team!I was incredibly nervous about my patch test as I’ve heard it’s painful!The therapist made me feel at ease and she did / does everything to distract me during treatment!Very kind and patient with great attention to detail. The ice pack helps!I’m really happy with the removal as I’m on my second session (yes I didn’t get put off!) and I can see it disappearing already!Really pleased with it!BPC is exceptionally clean and well organised. I feel totally safe in their hands and am always welcomed by the whole team.Being a therapist myself I’m extremely fussy who I see but I whole heartedly would recommend their tattoo removal service!Thank you!Fiona xxx
Fiona Layzell
Fiona L.
22:50 09 Nov 21
I am undergoing a picoway resolve treatment with Jade and I have noticed fantastic results! Jade is extremely friendly with excellent customer service, I recommend the clinic!
14:59 07 Sep 21
Really great clinic, the staff are so lovely and are always helpful. 100% recommend!
05:49 31 Aug 21
Had my first laser tattoo removal session today. Melissa has been really professional and explained everything in depth on my first consultation. I'm yet to see the full results but I have every confidence that they will be good. Everyone at BPC makes you feel comfortable and the place itself is very clean modern and fully equipped. I would highly recommend this clinic.
Rob Rooker
Rob R.
17:58 17 Aug 21
Sending a biiiig shoutout to Laura! Gave really useful advice, friendly, and has a smile to light up a room:) Huge asset to your team x
Evander Lawrence
Evander L.
14:11 07 Aug 21
I went for laser hair removal and have been very impressed with the process, the staff and the customer service. Highly recommend Jade!
Naomi Onions
Naomi O.
11:22 20 Jul 21
I have a very positive experience with this clinic. The staff is very professional and kind, they give you the best possible advice that suits your treatment. I will definitely recommend them to my friends.
Edit Kopinski
Edit K.
09:43 14 Jul 21
I booked in for a hydrofacial yesterday with Chelsea, I was quite apprehensive about the facial experience as not had one before but it was absolutely amazing, beautiful clinic nice and clean and easily accessible, staff were nice and friendly and make you feel super welcome and relaxed. Chelsea explained the process for the hydrofacial and did an absolutely amazing job! I definitely recommend to others, especially with acne prone skin. I’ll be booking in for some more treatments soon! Thank you once again 😊
Kiran Kayy
Kiran K.
14:08 09 Jul 21
Went to the clinic for the first time to start treatment of some aggressive acne scarring, the team allowed me to feel welcome they had very friendly and prompt customer service, offer of drinks after they take all the covid precautions via taking your temps at the door as well as talking through medical history and other vitals.Before starting my Treatment I had a consultation with an aesatician she was very helpful and helped to guide me in the best direction for my treatment.I had just recently had my first microneedling session the staff were helpful with all my questions and helped me gain my confidence back into my skin.I was just so impressed by the service, from the admins at the front desk to the final treatment.Thanks for your help Cant wait to carry out this process with you guys xSohana
Sara Yusuf
Sara Y.
10:47 30 Jun 21
The service is great and staff are friendly and patient. Thank you for helping me remove my stretch marks. There is no doubt that I will continue to choose this clinic to complete the rest of my treatment!
Karen G
Karen G
23:15 04 Jun 21

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